Bituminous coal based activated carbon

Wood based activated carbon



Anthracite coal based activated carbon

Datong ,a beautiful city, is situated in northern Shanxi Province,one of the 24 famous historical and cultural cities in China ; Now,known as the 'City of the Coal', due to its large reserves of coal,is a very important energy base for China.

Coal based activated carbon, with high-quality weakly caking coal of Jurassic Period as material,produced with excellent equipment in strict tech processes, as briquetting, crush, carbonizing, activating, washing, acid pickling, screening, dust-settling, packing and checking.

Coal based activated carbon, black color, granular/powder shape, is a kind of porous carbon substance, inside there are developed pores, so it possesses super absorbability ; widely used in environment protection, chemical industries, national defense, printing and dyeing, food and medicine manufacturing ; can be used to purify drinking water and air, treat sewage, recover solvents, desulfurize, decolorize, deodorize, etc. and be used as catalyser and catalyst carrier.

Coal based activated carbon , as the water-purifying carbon most widely used over the world, has such good points: high mechanical strength, strong absorbability, long-term usage and easily reactivating ability, being economical and practical, etc .

We supply a full serial granular & powder activated carbon,size from 4 US mesh to 325 US mesh,Iodine number from 300mg/g to 1200mg/g ;



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